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Three-Dimensional Cellular Automata

Computer Science

R. Schrandt & S. Ulam, 1970
[Reconstruction by C.M. Herr.]

Stephen Wolfram, 2002

R. Schrandt & S. Ulam: "On Recursively Defined Geometrical Objects and Patterns of Growth." In: A. Burks (ed.): Essays on Cellular Automata. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1970, pp. 232-243.

Stephen Wolfram: A New Kind of Science. Champaign, IL: Wolfram Media, 2002.



Robert J. Krawczyk & Ying-Chun Hsu:
Architectural Interpretation of Cellular Automata
, 2003.

C.M. Herr: 3D representation of
Game of Life evolution, 2003.

(From: C.M. Herr: Using Cellular Automata to Challenge Cookie-Cutter Architecture.)


Erwin Driessens & Maria Verstappen: Breed, 2000.

"Breed" is an "evolutionary voxel object generator". It employs 3-D automata whose update rules describe how a filled voxel splits into filled voxels and empty voxels. A genetic algorithm is used to evolve rules which create connected objects.



Online software

Robert Trujillo: Inventory of online 3D Cellular Automata software.

Alexander Mieczyslaw Kasprzyk: Tresvita, 1999.