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Paradox, circularity and self-refutation

René Magritte:
La Trahison des Images
("Ceci n'est pas une pipe"),

René Magritte:
This is a piece of cheese, 1937

René Magritte:
"Ceci n'est pas une pomme"

Ben Vautier:
"Je suis un menteur", 1959

Ben Vautier:
"Oubliez cette Toile", 1966

Ben Vautier:     
"il n'y a pas de vérité", 1988

The instructions for this piece are on the other side of this sheet.
The instructions for this piece are on the other side of this sheet.

Henry Flynt, January 1961. [Two sides of instruction sheet.]

To perform this piece
do not perform it.

Tony Conrad, Summer 1961

Do not abide by
your decision.

Dick Higgins: Danger Music Number Thirty-Two
(for George Maciunas), April 1, 1963



Timm Ulrichs: Grabstein, 1969
("Denken Sie immer daran, mich zu vergessen!")

William Anastasi:
"I don't want this on my wall", 1998

Ruben Gutierrez:
"Words have no meaning", 2004

Les Coleman: Postcard
("This Card is Temporarily Out of Stock"), 2006

Literature on Paradox and Circularity

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