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César Baldaccini: Expansions


Expansion Jaune, 1967

César pouring polyurethane, 1967

Expansion Performance. Rome, 1968.



Expansion No. 14, 1970

Valise Expansion, 1970

Sans Titre, 1970

Expansion No. 35 (Rose), 1971

Expansion Crème

Expansion Murale, 1975

Conserve Expansion
, 1969. (Edition of 800 do-it-yourself polyurethane expansion cans.
Éditions Claude Givaucan, Paris. Series Alimentation de la Vision. Recommended by Martial Raysse.)



"In 1968 César established himself as the modern demigod of polyurethane, the inspired pioneer of industrial chemistry."   "The world's most celebrated modern art museums are proud today to boast expansions by César among their collections. These mounds of brightly coloured solid foam have the definitive beauty of organically free forms, and their occupation of space is the pure and simple result of a chemical process carried to completion."

Pierre Restany: "César and the poetry of industrial chemistry." Domus 462 (August 1968)