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Allan Kaprow


Untitled, 1959

Ben Vautier


Sand Heap, 1962

Bernar Venet

Charcoal Pile, 1963

Wim T. Schippers


Shattered Glass Pile, 1965
["Spel van glas en licht",
De Ploeg, Bergeyk]

Michelangelo Pistoletti

Venere degli Stracci, 1967



"[...] Other artists were more concerned with allowing materials rather than systems to determine the form of their work, reflected in the ubiquity of temporary "piles" of materials around 1968 (done by, among others, Andre, Baxter, Beuys, Bollinger, Ferrer, Kaltenbach, Long, Louw, Morris, Nauman, Oppenheim, Saret, Serra, Smithson). [...]"

Lucy R. Lippard: "Preface" In: Six Years: The dematerialization of the art object from 1966 to 1972.
London: Studio Vista, 1973, p. 5.

Reiner Ruthenbeck


Aschehaufen, 1968

Schwarzer Papierhaufen, 1970

Weisser Papierhaufen, 1979

Robert Smithson

Map of Glass (Atlantis), 1969


Chalk and Mirror Displacement, 1969


Nonsite, 1969


Mirror with crushed shells, 1969


Jannis Kounellis

Pietra, 1969

Hans Haacke

Beach Pollution, 1970

Michael Heizer

Dragged Mass Displacement, 1971

herman de vries

toevallige stapeling, 1973

Giuseppe Penone


Patate, 1977

Wolfgang Laib


Die Fünf Unbesteigbaren Berge, 1984

Felix Gonzalez-Torres


Untitled (Public Opinion), 1991

Thomas Rentmeister


Ohne Titel, 2005



Ohne Titel, 2006