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to drip


Jackson Pollock, 1950 [After photographs by Hans Namuth]


"The paint is applied by dipping a small house brush or stick or trowel into the can and then, by rapid movements of the wrist, arm and body, quickly allowing it to fall in weaving rhythms over the surface. The brush seldom touches the canvas, but is a means to let the color drip or run in stringy forms that allow for the complexity of design necessary to the artist."

Robert Goodnough:"Pollock Paints a Picture."
Art News, May 1951.

Drip Music

For single or multiple performance.

A source of dripping water and an empty vessel are arranged so that the water falls into the vessel.

George Brecht, 1959


Drip Music,  Second Version


George Brecht, 1959

George Brecht preparing a
performance of Drip Music

George Maciunas performs Drip Music
in Amsterdam, 1963