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to roll

[experiments with rolling balls]

Galilieo's experiments with balls rolling down an inclined plane (early 17th century).


[Painting by Giuseppe Bezzuoli, 1841.]


Demo-device by Jan van Musschenbroek (early 18th century).


A ball released on the top of the slope on the right will roll down and be launched into a parabolic flight trajectory through four brass rings mounted on the left.


[Item kept in the Boerhaave Museum, Leyden. Described   in: Willem Jacob 's Gravesande: Physices elementa mathematica, experimentis confirmata, sive introductio ad philosophiam Newtonianam. Leyden, 1720–1721.]

Tom Shannon: Bell Ball (Trajectory Series), 1988.


Automatic painting: Tossed wet paint ball rolls and bounces on inclined plane.