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to topple



Statue of King George III of England at Bowling Green, NY
toppled by the Sons of Liberty, 1776

[Detail of painting by Wiliam Walcutt, 1857]

Statue of King Louis XIV at Place des Victoires, Paris
toppled by a revolutionary crowd, 1792

[After an engraving by Jean-Louis Prieur]



The Colonne Vendôme toppled by the Commune de Paris, 1871



Statue of Reza Shah Pahlevi in Teheran
toppled by Mossadeq supporters, 1953


Statue of Joseph Stalin in Budapest
toppled by Hungarian revolutionaries, 1956



Statue of Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlevi,
toppled by students at Teheran University, 1978.

Statue of Reza Shah Pahlevi
toppled by Shiite Muslims, 1979



Statue of Saddam Hussain in Baghdad. Toppled in 2003 by the US Marine Corps, using an M88 Hercules armoured recovery vehicle.


Statue of Christopher Columbus in Caracas
toppled to celebrate Indiginous Resistance Day, 2004

Statue of Vicente Fox in Boca del Rio, Mexico
toppled by the Revolutionary Institutional Party,



Soviet World War II Monument in Kutaisi, Georgia
toppled by the Georgian Government, 2009