Depictions of Nothing       Nothing to See       Nothing       Radical Art          

Paintings of absence

      René Magritte

L'Homme au Journal, 1927

Personnage Méditant sur la Folie, 1928

L'Image Parfaite, 1928

Les Charmes dy Paysage, 1929

La Réponse Imprévue, 1933

The Empty Picture Frame, 1937


Roy Lichtenstein

"I can see the whole room! ...
and there's nobody in it!", 1961

Stretcher Frame with Cross Bars, 1968

Mirror #1, 1969


Domenico Gnoli

Without a Still Life, 1966

Pillow, 1967



Roger Raveel:
Een Sacraal Vierkant, 1966

Michael Morris:
The Problem of Nothing, 1966

Philip Guston, 1978

Robert Morris:
Canvas Back, 2003/2004


More depictions of absence:

     Roger Raveel: Adventures of the Empty Square (1963-2004)     

     Roy Lichtenstein's Mirrors (1964-1990)    

     Roy Lichtenstein's "Stretcher Frames" (1968)