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The void in romantic painting

Caspar David Friedrich

Mönch am Meer, 1809/1810

Meadows near Greifswald, 1820


Mondaufgang am Meer, 1821

Abend, 1824

Two men contemplating the moon, 1830

Das große Gehege, 1832

Der Träumer, 1835

Joseph Turner

Colour Beginning, 1819

Fishing Boats, 1827

The Evening Star, 1830

Keelmen, 1835

Margate from the Sea, 1835-1840

Landscape with distant rain and boat, 1840-1850

Stormy Sea with Dolphins, 1840

Sun Setting over a Lake, 1840

Venice with Santa Maria della Salute, 1840-1845

Lake of Geneva, 1841

Light and Colour, 1843

Norham Castle, 1844

Procession (Boats, Distant Smoke),
Venice, 1845

Festive Laguna Scene, 1845

Sunrise with Seamonsters, 1845

Sunrise with a Boat between Headlands, 1845

Hurrah for the Whaler Erebus! - 1846

"The artist delights to go back to the first chaos of the world... All is without forms and void. Some one said of his landscapes that they were pictures of nothing, and very like."

William Hazlitt: "Round Table."
Examiner, 1816.

James Whistler

Sea and Rain, 1865

Symphony in Grey, 1871

Nocturne: Blue and Silver, 1872