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Electromagnetic pieces:
waves & circuits

David Bainbridge and Howard Hurrell

Loop (1967).

[Electromagnetic field; visitors are equipped with detectors to be able to observe it.
The description of this piece was put online by Thomas Dreher.]

Lecher System (Realisation 1970)

[Description of this piece on Thomas Dreher's website.]  

Robert Barry

90 mc Carrier Wave (FM), 1968.

[FM radio wave with silence.]

0.5 Microcurie Radiation Installation, 1969.

[Small amount of Barium 133 buried in Central Park, New York, on January 5, 1969.

David Bainbridge

Untitled (1970)

[Description: Art-Language Vol.1, # 2, pp. 5-7.]  

Fred Forest

Nombre d'Or et Champ de Fréquence 14000 Hz, 1987.


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