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Air & Gas


Marcel Duchamp:
Air de Paris, 1919

Piero Manzoni:
Flato d'artista, 1960

Andy Warhol: Silver Clouds, 1966

Christo Javacheff: Air Package, 1968

Jeff Koons: Soccer Ball, 1985


Michael Asher: Vertical Column of Accelerated Air, 1966/1967.

Michael Baldwin: Remarks on Air-Conditioning, 1967.

[Description of this piece on Thomas Dreher's website.]

Robert Barry: Inert Gas Series, 1969.
(Krypton, Argon, Xenon, Helium.)

[Specified quantitities of each gas released into the atmosphere
at specific times on specific locations.]

Nigel Lendon:
Maquette for an invisible sculpture.


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