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(The one-dimensional monochrome is the undifferentiated straight line.)


Olga Rozanova:

Barnett Newman:
Onement V, 1952

Piero Manzoni:
Linea, 1959

Shiraga Fujiko, 1955

Ben Vautier, 1950's


Wojciech Fangor:
Nebieska Fala, 1962

Nam June Paik:
Zen for TV, 1963

Günter Brus:
Selbstbemalung, 1965

Constantin Brancusi:
"Endless Column", 1937/1938

Anne Truit:
Night Nadia, 1977


Walter de Maria:
Vertical Earth Kilometer, 1977.

[Top view of 1 km. brass rod
inserted into the earth.]


Barnett Newman:
Onement I, 1948

Piero Manzoni:
Linea, 1960

Piero Manzoni:
Senza Titulo, 1961

Akira Kanayama,

Nam June Paik:
Zen for head, 1962

Günter Brus:
Wiener Spaziergang, 1965


La Monte Young:
Composition 1960 # 9

Each point on this line
is a composition.

Henry Flynt,
January 1961

The line above is rotating
on its axis at a speed of
one revolution each day.


Douglas Huebler, 1970

Draw a straight line
and follow it.

La Monte Young:
Composition 1960 # 10
(to Bob Morris)

Richard Long:
A line made by walking, 1967

Carl Andre:
249 Brass Run, 1969

Dennis Oppenheim:
Timeline USA-Canada, 1968

Walter de Maria:
Mile Long Drawing, 1968

Jan Dibbets: White line in the sea.
Amalfi, 1968.


Christo Javacheff:
Running Fence, 1970-1976


Douglas Huebler: Site Sculpture Project: 42° Parallel Piece, 1968

14 locations ('A' through 'N') are towns existing either exactly or approximately on the 42° Parallel in the United States. Locations have been marked by the exchange of certified postal receipts sent from and returned to 'A' – Truro, Massachusetts.

Jan Dibbets:
Monument à la Mémoire d'Arago, 1994

Related issues: Continuity

The uncountable cardinality of line and plane was thematized in Henry Flynt's "word piece" above, and in monochromes by Christer Hennix.

A curious problem regarding the continuum was raised by Kazimir Malevich (1922): "Since we can find no indivisible units in this world it is obviously extremely difficult to prove the existence of matter."


Kazimir Malevich: "A Letter to the Artists of Holland", 1922. In: K.S. Malevich: Essays on Art, Vol. I. Copenhagen: Borgen, 1968, pp. 183-187.


La Monte Young: Compositions. In: La Monte Young & Jackson Mac Low (eds.): An Anthology. New York, 1963.





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