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Monotone Music

Yves Klein: Symphonie Monoton-Silence, 1949–1961.
Twenty minutes of one tone followed by twenty minutes of silence.

Conceived by Yves Klein in 1949.
Tape version by Pierre Henry played at a show of monochrome IKB paintings at Gallery Iris Clert, May 1957.
Grammophone record "Musique du Vide", 1959.
Live performance by chamber orchestra (in conjunction with Anthropométrie performance), March 9, 1960.
Shortened version: one chord for 5-7 minutes followed by absolute silence of unspecified duration. Score for orchestra consisting of 20 singers, 10 violins, 10 cello's, 3 double basses, 8 flutes, 8 oboes, and 3 French horns (1961). [Cf. Stich 1994, p. 176.]
"Second Monotone Symphony" by Pierre Henry played at Klein's wedding with Rotraut Uecker, January 21, 1962, Saint Nicolas des Champs.

Gerhard Rühm: Eintonstück für Klavier, 1952.

Consists entirely of different octave transpositions of one note (a). Première 1952, together with an exhibition of paintings by Arnulf Rainer. First published in Cage Box (catalogue John Cage Festival), Bonn, 1979. Cf.: Peter Weibel (ed.): Die Wiener Gruppe. Vienna, New York: Springer, 1997, pp. 614-615.

La Monte Young: Composition 1960 # 7.
B & #F "To be held for a long time".

In: La Monte Young (ed.): An Anthology. 1963.