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"An explosive is a substance that has the capacity for violent decomposition via rapid oxidation, with a sudden release of gas and thermal energy."

D.G. Caldicott & N.A. Edwards: "The tools of the trade: weapons of mass destruction."
Emergency Medicine,
14, 3 (September 2002), pp. 240-248.


Jean Tinguely

Untitled Project (n.d.)

"Tinguely says he was entranced by the idea of throwing a hand-grenade at the Mona Lisa, and he even formulated a detailed plan for carrying out his scheme. However, the likelihood of a prison sentence, and the virtually total inactivity this would bring, made him hesitate."

K.G. Pontus Hultén: Jean Tinguely. 'Méta’. London: Thames and Hudson, 1975, p. 35.

Hommage à New York, 1960


L'Orchidée Blanche, 1963

(White MG sports car, blown up by means of three dynamite rods. )

Pro Diaz

Painting by means of explosions.

(Demo at the Destruction In Art Symposium, London, 1966.)

Kendell Geers

Title Withheld (Blow), 1993

Title Withheld (Blow), 1993-1999

The Devil Never Rests, 2004