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Colère Musicale, 1962

Raphael Mantañez Ortiz:
Piano Destruction, 1966

Pete Townshend smashing
Gibson Les Paul, 2005

Stelarc: Body Penetration of Plate Glass. (Museo Universitario,
Mexico City, 1976)

Adolf Luther &
Werner Ruhnau, 1982



Kendell Geers:
Self Portrait, 1995


Kendell Geers:
Title Withheld, 1995


        Smashed Guitars

        Raphael Mantañez Ortiz

        Arman: Colères

        Adolphe Luther & Werner Ruhnau

To add:

Early sixties: Pieter Engels, Wolf Vostell.

Kirkpatrick Sale: Computer Smashing (Second Luddite Congress, April 1996, Barnesville, Ohio (?)).