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George Brecht: Events

Drip Music

For single or multiple performance.

A source of dripping water and an empty vessel are arranged so that the water falls into the vessel.


Drip Music, Fluxversion 1

First performer on a tall ladder pours water from a pitcher very slowly down into the bell of a French horn or tuba held in the playing position by a second performer at floor level.



Drip Music,
Second Version



Time-Table Event

To occur in a railway station.

A time table is obtained. A tabulated time indication is interpreted in minutes and seconds (for example, 7:16 equals 7 minutes and 16 seconds). This determines the duration of the event.


Incidental Music

Five piano pieces, any number of which may be played in succession, simultaneously, in any order and combination, with one another or with other pieces.

1. The piano seat is tilted on its base and brought to rest against a part of the piano.

2. Wooden blocks. A single block is placed inside the piano. A block is placed upon this block, then a third upon the second, and so forth, one by one, until at least one block falls from the column.

3. Photographing the piano situation.

4. Three dried peas or beans are dropped, one after another, onto the keyboard. Each such seed remaining on the keyboard is attached to the key or keys nearest it with a single piece of pressure-sensitive tape.

5. The piano seat is suitably arranged and the performer seats himself.