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Fluxus: Exercises
Watch smoke.

Tony Conrad, 1961

Opera Instruction

Dec. 11, 1963: Sit down from 7 PM to 8:03 PM (Danish Time) and think about the people all over the world who may be performing this.

Eric Andersen, 1961

Event for Midday in the Sunlight

12:00 Shut your eyes
12:03 Open your eyes
12:03'05'' Shut your eyes
12:04 Open your eyes
12:04'04'' Shut your eyes
12:04'30'' Open your Eyes
12:04'33'' Shut your eyes
12:04'50'' Open your eyes
12:04'52'' Shut your eyes
12:05 Open your eyes
12:05'01'' Shut your eyes
12:05'05'' Open your eyes
12:05'06'' Shut your eyes
12:07 Open your eyes and look at your hands

Mieko Shiomi, 1963

Portrait Piece

Do this piece with a portrait of yourself or of your dearest one.
Crumple up the portrait without tearing it.
Smooth it.
Look at the face in the portrait, crumpling and smoothing it.
Look at the face through a magnifying glass.

Mieko Shiomi, 1963

Color Music #1 for Dick Higgins

List your problems from one to five.
For each problem, list the best solution you can think of.
For each problem, also list a color.
Whenever the problem arises in your mind, think first of the best solution, and if you cannot act on it immediately, switch to concentration on the color until an absolute necessity intervenes.

Alison Knowles, 1963