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Fluxus Events (Theatre)


4 performers eat 4 apples.

Ben Vautier, 1963

Ice Cream Piece

Performer buys an ice cream cone and then (a) eats it, or (b) gives it to a stranger, or (c) waits until it melts completely, then eats the cone, or (d) on finishing the piece, buys another ice cream cone.

Albert M. Fine, 1966

Fluxus Events (Anti-Theatre)


Performers and audience listen to a play over the radio.

Ben Vautier, 1961


A theft is announced and the audience is searched.

Ben Vautier, 1961


Performers disguised as police officers push the audience to the stage.

Ben Vautier, 1961


5 performers walk about smiling.

Ben Vautier, 1961


After the audience is admitted to the theater and seated, a member of the actors' union gives a 5- minute talk on low wages and announces a 3-hour strike.

Ben Vautier, 1962


Performers do nothing.

Ben Vautier, 1962


Performers sell the theater.

Ben Vautier, 1962


4 people who have never met are invited on stage to talk to each other for 20 minute or more.

Ben Vautier, 1963

I Will be Back in Ten Minutes

Performer positions a poster on the stage announcing, "I will be back in 10 minutes!" and goes across the street to have a cup of coffee.

Ben Vautier, 1963


Curtain I

After the traditional 3 rings or 3 knocks, the curtain doesn't go up. Rings or knocks are repeated 10 time, 20 times, 100 times, 1000 times for 2 hours, but the curtain never goes up.

Ben Vautier, 1963

Curtain II

A noisy performance takes place behind a closed curtain. Curtain is raised only for a bow.

Ben Vautier, 1963


For La Monte Young

Performer asks if La Monte Young is in the audience.

Emmett Williams, 1962

Sanitas No. 35

Blank sheets are handed to the audience without any explanations. 5 minutes waiting.

Tomas Schmit, Date unknown

Sanitas No. 79

A bus carries the audience a good distance, deposits them in a desolate location and returns empty.

Tomas Schmit, Date unknown

Fluxus Piece for GM

2 events are advertised at 2 adjacent locations. Audience is brought into the same hall by separate entrances. The audiences are separated from each other by a curtain. For the performance, the curtain is raised.

Albert M. Fine, Date unknown