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Invisible Pieces and Electrical Circuits

Invisible Pieces

Michael Baldwin:

"Remarks on Air-Conditioning", 1967 (Fig. 5)

David Bainbridge and Howard Hurrell:

"Loop" (1967) (Fig. 6)

[Electric field; visitors get detection devices.]

Robert Barry:

90 mc Carrier Wave (FM), 1968.

[FM carrier wave with silence.]

Robert Barry: "Outdoor nylon monofilament installation" (1.12.1968)

Sol LeWitt: "Buried Cube Containing an Object of importance but little value" (1968)

Robert Barry: Telepathic Piece, 1969.

"During the Exhibition I will try to communicate telepathically a work of art, the nature of which is a series of thoughts that are not applicable to language or image."


Robert Barry: Inert Gas Series, 1969. Krypton, Argon, Xenon, Helium.

Specified quantitities of each gas released into the atmosphere at specific times on specific locations.

Fred Forest: Nombre d'Or et Champ de Fréquence 14000 Hz, 1987.

Electrical Circuits

David Bainbridge:

Untitled, 1970.

(Art-Language Vol.1, # 2, pp. 5-7.)

David Bainbridge and Howard Hurrell:

"Lecher System" (Realisation 1970) (Fig. 7)



Compiled by Remko Scha – May 14, 2002