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[viscosity & congelation]

Wim T. Schippers: Peanut Butter Floor, 1962
[This photo: Centraal Museum, Utrecht, 1997]

Thomas Rentmeister: Ohne Titel (Nutella), 2000


Wim T. Schippers: Plast-o-lux, 1963

Louise Bourgeois: Soft Landscape, 1967

Lynda Benglis: Quartered Meteor, 1969

César: Expansion Murale, 1975

Roxy Paine: Scumak No. 20 (RF), 1999




Gotthard Graubner: Farbleib (Schneewittchen), 1963
["Pillow Piece"]

Anish Kapoor: Blood, 2000
[Fibreglass and lacquer]



César: Expansion No. 14, 1970

Thomas Rentmeister: Ohne Titel, 1994
[Polyester resin; edition of 3]


Some of the above pieces can be considered as "process art", in that their creation was a direct result of the viscosity properties of the actual material. Other pieces (Graubner, Rentmeister '94, Kapoor) allude to such processes in an essentially mimetic fashion.

More viscosity pieces by:
  Lynda Benglis      
  Roxy Paine      

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