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Constantin Brancusi:
The First Cry, 1913

Lucio Fontana:
Untitled, 1955

Arnoldo Pomodoro:
Sfera # 4, 1963-1964



Barbara Hepworth:
Pierced Form, 1931

Ben Vautier:
The First Portable Hole, 1960




René Magritte:
La Réponse Imprévue, 1933

Robert Overby:
Door with Hole, 1971   




Lee Miller: Portrait of Space, 1937

René Magritte: Le Baiser, 1938





Ben Nicholson: Relief, 1934


Dadamaino: Volumes, 1958

Diter Rot:
White page with holes, 1963

Ad Dekkers: Oppervlakte tussen vierkant en vierkant
& Oppervlakte tussen vierkant en cirkel, 1973


Christian Eckart: Zootrope, 1979

Steven Parrino: Big Hole, 1986

Gerold Miller:
Instant Vision # 2, 2005



H. Th. Wijdeveld:
15 Mile Shaft, 1944

Michael Heizer:
North, East, South, West (1967)


Nobuo Sekine:
Phase – Mother Earth (1968)



Yves Klein: "Tentative des Vides dans le tableau
figuratif de 1955 [monochrome en 49].
Ça ne vaut rien!" (1957)

Manolo Millares: Cuadro 111, 1960


Christo Javacheff:
Sans Titre (Cratères), 1959

Lee Bontecou:
Untitled, 1959-1960

Lucio del Pezzo: L'Ora del Ricorda, 1961



Luis Albert Wells: Relieve Oscuro, 1961

Franco Bemporad

Lucio Fontana: Concetto Spaziale, 1962



Don Judd:
Relief, 1961

Sabura Murakami:
Untitled, 1963

Maryellen Latas:
Untitled 1997-18, 1997


Wim T. Schippers: Negative Contribution. "A tidy pit of modest dimensions, that slightly hinders entering the cultural premises." Manifestatie te Zeist, Nederlandse Kunststichting, 1965. [Cancelled by municipal authorities.] Kasteel Drakensteyn, Lage Vuursche, 1969.

Claes Oldenburg: Placid Civic Monument. "108 cubic feet of Central Park surface excavated and reinserted." New York, October 1, 1967.

Michael Heizer:
Double Negative, 1969/1970

Chris Burden: Honest Labor, 1979

Urs Fischer: You, 2007


Anish Kapoor:
Adam, 1988/1989

Sol Lewitt:
Cube without a cube, 1989




Stefan Brueggemann:
Opening, 1998

Urs Fischer: Kir Royal, 2004


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Some sources      

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Further literature      

Easy Aloha's: Gaten & andere dingen die er niet zijn. Amsterdam: Nieuw Amsterdam, 2008. [A lighthearted book in Dutch about holes, voids, and silence. It includes some descriptions based on this webpage.]


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