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Burning Slide Projections

Mark Boyle & Joan Hills, Destruction In Art Symposium, London, September 1966.

Mark Boyle: "Joan and I managed to get slides of all the artists taking part in the symposium. We projected them one after the other onto the screen, and while they were on the screen we burnt them, one after the other, so that each of the artists, including ourselves, was able to watch his image singe and blister and disintegrate in a glorious, technicolour range of yellows, oranges, and browns."

[Mark Boyle: Letter to Hans Locher, October 1977. In: J.L. Locher: Mark Boyle's Journey to the Surface of the Earth. Stuttgart: Edition Hansjörg Mayer, 1978, p. 69.]

Jan Lanting & Paul Panhuysen, Paradiso, Amsterdam, March 20, 1968.

Burning of a sequence of slides of the Dutch Royal Family. [Part of of a 'Situation' by 'The Free Community of the Global City of Peace and Pleasure'.]

Exhibition Catalogue Paul Panhuysen, Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven, 1978, pp. 13/22.