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"What should we do without fire and death?" 

[Nathaniel Hawthorne, American Notebooks, March 9, 1853.]

the art of fire: burning, melting & smoke

raoul ubac:
prints of burnt
gordon matta-clark:

Other overviews

"Brandspuren. Das Element Feuer in der neueren Skulptur." Folkwang Museum, Essen, 1991.

H. Draxler (ed.): DAS BRENNENDE BILD: Eine Kunstgeschichte des Feuers in der Neueren Zeit. Special Issue of Kunstforum International, 2001, Vol. 87.

  •    (Computational:) Design and implement a computer simulation of fire and its effects. (First decide which effects you intend to focus on, and develop a mathematical model of them.)

  •    (Theoretical:) Write an essay analysing the meaning of these art forms.